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Don’t be duped: Kony 2012

This campaign is bigger than just some white kids with a savior complex, it’s incredibly deceptive and I believe is actually promoting war, not peace. Here’s some quick info:

• Kony is no longer in Uganda, and hasn’t been for years. He is likely hiding in the jungles of neighboring countries with his murderous gang. Uganda has actually been experiencing relative peace (key word: relative) for the last six years. Most of the footage from Uganda in that video is ancient by today’s youtube standards. Why is Invisible Children manipulating our emotions with old footage?

• Invisible Children, the organization behind the Kony 2012 campaign, is promoting the Ugandan military as the solution, when they themselves commit horrible human rights abuses—not as large in scale as LRA, but still egregious. Invisible Children is promoting US military intervention in Uganda.

• Estimates of the number of LRA soldiers (of any age) TODAY are in the hundreds—250 by UN estimates. Did that video lead you to believe Kony had an army of 30,000 child soldiers? That number comes from an estimate of the total number over the last 25 years that Kony and LRA had forced to become child soldiers. In reality, the LRA is on its last legs.

• This is not a grassroots campaign. San Diego based Invisible Children had a budget of over $8 million last year—and only 31% was spent in Uganda.

• On Invisible Children’s three point action plan, #2 is to buy a bracelet for $25. Really? Really!

While I can’t prove it, this whole Kony 2012 campaign seems to have two primary purposes:
• Increase US military presence in Africa
• Fatten the wallets of Invisible Children’s staff (which I’m guessing is a CIA pet project)

This list isn’t intended to be complete list. Feel free to add more info.

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